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4pcs/lot (400g) | Deep Curly Brazilian Hair

4pcs/lot (400g) Brazilian deep curly hair has a soft texture, full body, and well defined curl patterns. This type of Brazilian hair can be worn as it is with its natural looking curls, or straightened. It can be arranged into other styles, flat ironed, and even dyed and bleached to create the hairstyle of your dreams. To maintain curly Brazilian hair wash it as you would with any other type of hair, and brush it daily with a paddle brush or a wide toothed comb (these types of brushes are gentler and cause less damage to the hair) because it can get tangled very easily and take a long time to untangle. Brazilian hair can also get dry and be prone to breakage, so it needs to be kept moisturized with some sort of leave in conditioner or hair oil (hair serums that include macadamia oil or coconut oil/ water are great for hydration).