Making your real hair extensions long lasting

Most of the ladies with hair extensions believe that proper maintenance and care are not necessary for giving the extensions a longer life. This is not true. Without proper care of your hair extensions, you can cause your extensions to tangle and shed. When you purchase your hair, you want them to look flawless and last. Below are some tips for making your real hair extensions long lasting:

Keep your hair moisturized
One of the fundamental practice is keeping your hair moisturized. Although the hair that you have attached to your head is not growing for your scalp, it still needs to be taken care of. Hair that is cut from the root tends to be very dry. You definitely want to keep your hair moisturized if its human hair. Products that are good for keeping your weave moisturized are Shea Moisture and Bio-silk Silk Therapy. Both of these hair moisturisers can be purchased at your local store. These products will lock in moisture so your hair extensions may have shine and last.

Avoid oily hair products
Step two to keeping your weave looking flawless is, keeping oily products out of your extensions. You may think hair gloss, shine, grease, oil sheen and hair spray are your friends, but when wearing a weave, they are your worst enemies. The products that were listed above can cause you weave to look heavy and limp. These products also cause your hair extensions to attract dirt. Dirt builds up causes your hair to itch and sometimes can become tangled or matted. Try not use any of these products, trust me you don’t need them.

Applying heat moderately
Another step to keeping your hair looking great is the less heat, the better. You may think that applying heat on your human hair is not damaging to your extensions, but it is. Applying heat to your extensions can cause your hair extensions to become thin, brittle and dry. Heat can also shorten the longevity of your hair extensions. If you can, I suggest you try to stay away from heat. Use curlers or rollers as an alternative. One of the last steps to having beautiful hair is having a nightly routine. Having a nightly routine can make you hair last longer and look healthy.

When you just step out of the shower, take some time and allow your hair to dry on its own. You may opt to pat it dry or to very gently towel dry it, but that’s all you should do. Try to avoid blow-drying your hair or using a straightening iron on it. If you do end up using these products to tame your hair, take a moment and put the device on the lowest setting available. This is something that can make lots of difference to how long you can keep your extensions.

Look Into Professional Tightening
Some stylists would offer professional tightening for your weave, particularly if you got it with them in the first place. When you are dealing with more complex hair, like Brazilian hair extensions, its worth it to get it professionally tightened and re-secured. It is far cheaper than going to the salon for a whole new set.


Comb Carefully
When you comb your hair, grab it at the base, close to your head, and then comb everything gently. This keeps the roots of your hair extensions stable while allowing you to care for your hair extension and put it in order. This helps to protect the weave from coming out before its time.

Talk to Your Stylist
If you have something a little out of the ordinary, like fusion hair extensions which attach to the root of the hair, you want to speak to your stylist about how to take care of it. You never know when a seemingly irrelevant tip will make all the difference. Talk to him or her about maintenance and how you can prevent damage to your hair. Similarly, make sure that you see your stylist on a regular schedule to maintain your hair extensions. This keeps them in great shape.

The results of following the easy steps should lead to a great look, hair extension that can be reused (if you’re using human hair), and most importantly, healthy hair of your own.