Quick Guide To Hair Extensions

With trends such as the “pixie cut” and other shorter hairstyles in wave, many people make the common mistake of getting drastic hair cuts; hoping for a wonderful outcome. Some people end-up regretting their new style of choice and sometimes wish they would have kept those luscious locks. The time it takes to grow out hair depends on the individual, some are more fortunate than others and have the patience to wait for it to grow back to the length it originally was or longer. For those that do not have capacity to wait and want longer hair once again sometimes take the approach in purchasing hair extensions. When it comes to hair extensions, there is a few different options to choose from. When choosing which kind is right for you, a decision must be made whether to have semi- permanent extensions or just clip-in ones and also whether or not you want real human hair or synthetic hair.
hair_beautifulFusion/micro bead: When considering semi-permanent, there is extensions which can either consist of human or synthetic hair. These can be difficult to put in alone since the procedure includes melting a special glue or keratin wax on the roots of the extensions into you’re own hair using a blow-dryer. Many choose this method for the benefits of being able to shower, swim and the extensions can last up to 6 months.

Dark-Golden-Brown-Hair-ColorSew-in weave:This method can last up to 4 months and consist of braiding a section or two in the back of the head to sew the weave into. Simple and less costly, yet certainly not for those who have a sensitive scalp considering this method does not allow the braided area to breathe.

Tape-in extensions:This is one of the best semi-permanent solution being simple, fast, causing no damage to you’re hair and last up to 10 weeks. To accomplish the tape-in extensions, going to a stylist is required. Separating hair by weaving in and out with a pointed end of a comb helps the hair hold onto the double sided hair extensions into the hair. The procedure can take less than 30 minutes. Simple as that.


Another method of hair extensions are the clip-in extensions. These can be very costly unless bought without clips sewn onto the extensions. Sewing the clips onto the extension can be time consuming. Many people choose this method because of the freedom they have to wear them and then take them out as they please. Also, because they are so simple to put in by you’re self. To put in Clip-ins, first the hair must be layered in the middle of the back of the head. Back brushing at the roots and then placing longest strip of extensions into the hair and lightly combing both hair and hair extensions together until blended and unable to see clips through hair. With repeating a few inches underneath the first section of hair and again with thinner strips of hair either behind the ears or the temples hairline.Clip-in extensions should not be worn more than 2 times a week and sleeping with them in is highly not recommended. Having a local hairstylist willing to work with extensions and to cut them to flow evenly with you’re hair if it layered can greatly improve the look greatly.<br>Whether choosing semi- permanent or just clip in extensions, it is always best to talk to a professional stylist to help you make you’re decision the right decision.