Characteristics of curly hair width and how to distinguish

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different hair texture

Scientifically the hair consists of three part for each strand these parts are head,shaft,and root. Each type of hair differ from other according to the color,width,thickness and number of strands as well.

In fact, there are many types of hair. Regardless of the outlook of the hair whether it was straight , Wavy,Curly or kinky there are basic widths which differentiate between these type of hair. The 3 basic widths are fine,medium and thick which we can also call coarse. The width describes the thickness of each single strand of our hair-For fine hair it is thin. Medium hair is usually the same width and thick or coarse strands are thick. At this point we need to explain each hair width. As we said before each type of hair has its own specifications related to width length and even color.

Specs of each hair width:

1-Fain Hair: this type is considered the most fragile in its formation and can be damaged simply. We have to mention that people with fine hair type have more hair than others with thick hair . Also , fine hair tend to be bright as it has oil over it . In addition to that people with fine hair find it so difficult to hold a specific style as it is light and became flat on the head all the time.

2-Medium Hair: this type is a common one. The texture of this type is not soft as fine hair so we can maintain it into different styles easily.

3-Thick Hair(Coarse): what differentiate this type is its texture as it is so strong as it is structure contains all previously mentioned three layers(cortex,cuticle and medulla). The texture of this hair usually takes more time to be dry than other types and it can resists the chemical products. It can bear heat than fine and medium hair.

hairThe difference between Deep Curly and Fluffy Curly Hair: Deep curly hair is very popular style that people usually have. The thickness of its strands may range from fine hair to thick hair but the most is often fine. But the most challenges here for the curly hair is the dryness and it has a lesser extent.

This type takes the shape of C letter. Curly Hair is influenced by genes much more than by the environment. While it runs in families which means that people with curly hair may have children with curly hair but its inheritance patterns are often unpredictable until this moment. The texture of this type is controlled by multiple genes.

*Fluffy Curly Hair: Fluffy Curly hair has many benefits as it is immeasurable volume. It can be maintained easily using chemical products such as shampoo and conditioner. Using a light product is easy to define the curls without controlling the texture of the hair itself.

Also there is another types of hair such as Wavy Hair:
The wavy hair has the outlook of the S letter but much of hair appear straight with light bends along with the hair. On the other hand this type of hair need a special care and a lot of time to achieve the perfect waves to have the desired appearance.

The fibers of the wavy are oval-shaped,making it mostly round. Wavy hair can be determined also by its protein structure. In some cases ,hormones and certain medications tend to change the texture of wavy hair,making it grow in a different way than it was originally formed.