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Hi there, are losing hair and live constantly in fear of growing bald? Are you dissatisfied with the way your hair have turned out and looked for a solution or a replacement, then you have come to the right place? We are proud to present to you our website, through which we not only sell superior quality brazilian hair extensions but also provide opportunities to young students to become a part of our campaign and secure a chance to win a scholarship provided by us.

We provide $1000 scholarship

By providing this scholarship we not only aim to bring out the creativeness that one has stored deep within but also want to give an opportunity to the young minds to showcase what they have to offer from a very young age. This is an internet based marketing scholarship for students who are already enrolled in colleges or universities pursuing their undergrad studies or masters. In today’s day and age E- commerce has become one of the most talked about things by everyone, even those who have an established business to those who are new and budding entrepreneurs so far.

Who can participate and how to do that

Note, that this scholarship is for students who are already admitted into a college or universities so far. Those students who are majoring in marketing, business etc might be interested in this scholarship, but that does not require one to have a mastery or expertise in this field. You will have to write an essay roughly between seven hundred to two thousand words on the topic “E-Commerce and how it has brought about a change in doing business”.

We would like you to also include the following in your essay:

How to make a successful marketing strategy for an E-commerce website?
How to promote a new brand using E-commerce?

Here you can write about using various software available on the internet for E-commerce, how to enhance promotions using SEO’s, tools like WordPress and Google AdWords and so on.

Remember in this new age technology anything is possible. Write as innovatively as possible, do your research and you never know, you might win a scholarship.

Anyone can participate in this scholarship provided that you have already enrolled in a college. The essay that you write should be your own, you will need to do your research for the same but make sure your essay is innovative, creative and differently unique. When someone reads your essay, it should also give them a feeling that you exactly know what you have written and stood by each everything that you have written. All aspects of your writing will be judged and looked into so make sure, you do not copy straight out of the internet, it will require a little hard work, but then hard work always pays. Keep that in mind and dont forget it. No plagiarism will be tolerated.

Once you have finished writing the article which would be roughly between seven hundred to two thousand words long on the above-mentioned topic, we will require you to send the essay to us in a word-doc format. Along with that, we require you to send us a URL to your website, which is in case if you do have a website. Once you have finished doing the above-mentioned email us at all your details namely:

  • First Name & Last name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • School name
  • Course opted for at school
  • Proof that you are currently a student
  • And the word-doc which contains your essay

Make sure to note this that, once we have received your article, we have the right to use the content of your article as we see fit, for marketing purposes and for promotions. Our purpose is to provide the most eligible candidate an opportunity to help him or her monetarily in their days of studying. As one has said, “knowledge is power”, we truly believe in that.


The final date for submission is Nov 1st, and we will choose the winner by Dec 20th and the check will be mailed out by Dec 28th.

$1,000 check will be sent directly to your college.